Frequently Asked Questions

Does Insurance Cover Rosacea Treatment?

Oral and topical medications and visits to a dermatologist are generally covered under most insurance plans, though you may wish to contact your insurance provider to confirm this in your case. Laser treatment, however, is generally not covered by insurance.

How can I best treat my facial veins and redness?

Lasers are the treatment of choice for facial blushing and flushing, since they address the root cause of rosacea, but MUST be combined with UV-blocking window film, and daily sunscreen use. Otherwise it’s like running a heater and air conditioner in the same room-there’s not sense removing the unwanted vessels causing rosacea if you’re not preventing more veins from forming.

I have pimples & blushing. Is this acne or rosacea?

Only an in-person consultation with an experienced dermatologist can determine this. Rosacea cam resemble acne but is different in many ways, and may require different treatment regimens.

Is an oral prescription enough to manage rosacea?

In my practice I often combine both laser treatment AND oral and/or topical medications to control and treat rosacea. Laser treatment can reduce or in some cases eliminate the need for medications, although sun-protection is a key component of preventive maintenance.

I look red, do I have rosacea?

No. Some people, typically lighter-skinned people, will get much of their skin color from the blood vessels in the skin, normal vascular tone. This is not the same as rosacea. Rosacea can present with a wide-array of symptoms including diffuse redness, flushing and blushing, pimples, enlargement of the oil glands of the nose and sometimes itching, burning and red eyes.

Who should treat Rosacea?

It is important to see a dermatologist to see if you have rosacea, and then to help develop a treatment plan that is right for you. Rosacea can be a complex skin disorder requiring significant understanding of the skin to treat effectively, and other conditions can masquerade as rosacea, and distinguishing between these and rosacea is key.