Acne Versus Rosacea

Is Rosacea a Form of Acne?

The answer is, no. Rosacea is definitely NOT a form of acne. However, acne-like pimples are a common symptom of rosacea. These pimples commonly are mistaken as “acne rosacea” by many sufferers.

Physical Characteristics in the Face Change

People who suffer from rosacea tend to have sensitivity to the sun and develop facial veins as a result. These veins are highly reactive to stimuli, changing the characteristics in our facial skin. These changes may result in the onset of acne-like blemishes, often resulting in confusion about their cause and leading many to think rosacea is acne-related.

Rosacea Treatment Available

Treatment for the blemishes and pimples associated with rosacea is available from a doctor. Typically treatment involves both prescribed medications as well as laser treatment